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April 15, 2009 at 3:04 am (Uncategorized)

Where to begin? Well, I am a Junior Comm major, 28 years old, single mom with a 4 year old son – Evan. I say single to mean not married, but I am insanely happy in my relationship with my boyfriend of almost three years and best friend of longer than that – Adam. We live in Palm Springs and spend as much time as a family as possible with our busy schedules! When we get some just Brandy n Adam time, we like to golf, go to the movies, just hang out and watch tv, or go out with friends – oh yeah, and SUSHI! Yum! ūüôā We also love to¬†travel, though the¬†places we frequent seem to¬†have about a common distance, oddly enough – ¬†Vegas, Lake Havasu, and La Jolla/San Diego.¬†Evan¬†and¬†Mama time usually includes playing¬†video games, going to the pool, Chuck E Cheese, of course, and going to zoos and museums and things like that on occasion, too. This summer my goal is to make it to Sea World, which will be both his and my first time there!

I am originally from the East coast, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, specifically, but I have never really liked it there, probably because of the crappy, cold weather and the Quaker-like, ‘stuck in the past’, ‘fear of the new and unknown’ aura that seems to surround the area. I fell in love with Cali when I was in the Marine Corps and stationed in San Diego – MCAS Miramar, which is, incidentally, where I met and basically fell in love with my current boyfriend. I did move back home for a few years after I got out of the military and during this time is when I had my son and also started college and got almost all my gen ed’s done. (Evan’s sperm donor – yes, he’s a real guy, just not what I like to refer to as ‘Dad’ – is not in the picture anymore, in case you were curious.) The first opportunity I got to move back out here, I took, and it just so happened to be the best decision I have probably ever made. I got on a plane with a couple of small bags of clothes and myself and have only been back to get my son and visit one time in three years. I love my new life! I work full time at the Betty Ford Center on the night shift, which isn’t such great hours, but the pay is decent and it allows me to go to school. I like helping people, too, so it’s fulfilling.

Well, I guess that’s the important stuff for what I’ve done and what I do, and I guess contributes, but who am I…?¬†I am a good person, intelligent and proud of it, not humble, not quiet unless it benefits me to be, not too loud most of the time as to bother people. I like to speak my mind and I generally like a little good-natured challenge to my ideas. I like to debate. I’m sarcastic and witty. I like to sing karaoke – at home and in bars. I like movies – drama, comedy, romance, horror – but no realistic ghost movies, cuz I am a little bit of a believer in that kinda stuff, and like I said – I work in a hall where everyone else is sleeping but me. Spooky sometimes. I am not so much into my looks as some other women. I actually don’t get along that well with women. I keep a very select group of girls that I call my friends and those women are dear to my heart and have my fierce and unwavering loyalty. I think that’s a quality of my sign – I’m a Virgo – and one I am certainly proud of. I am ashamed of or regret very few things in my life – I think that everything I have done or gone through has contributed to who I am and what I am to become and it’s going pretty well, so far I think. I am by no means perfect in any way and I have made some pretty life-altering mistakes, but as they say in one of my favorite Rascall Flatts songs – “I’m Movin’ On.” On that note –¬† I like all kinds of music – Pop, Rock, Country, Classic Rock, Metal (under certain circumstances), Rap, R&B, Blues, etc. I do not like most of the music (or anything else, really) that came out of the 80’s. I think it was an f-ed up decade that closely resembled a bad acid trip at a carnie circus. That’s all I have to say about that. Well, as you can see, I have no problems opening up about myself – and yes, I do talk a lot in person once I warm up to someone, but I think I have officially rambled on enough for one blog. Thanks for reading about me, and please, ask any questions I left unanswered, I don’t mind answering them. Peace out ūüėČ


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  1. mpopescu said,

    Nice stuff! Thanks for making it interesting!

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